3- Your own showroom

Look and feel online

At a shop or supermarket, buyers expect to smell, touch and examine products closely to make a wise purchase. For this reason, when translating this user experience to the online world, you'll need top-notch digital resources that provide the same level of detail of the product, including size, quality standards, producer and origin....Of course, you must also give buyers the opportunity to see the products with their own eyes.

To decide

CONSENTIO is your perfect partner: we deliver all the elements mentioned above and much more. We offer our users a complete and detailed product profile and we are always a step ahead of customer needs. We provide answers and solutions to any product query that your customers might have. Through our interface, we resolve questions and works towards their overall reduction as they pertain to product negotiation.

We know how important is to have a great product display

We built the product display to highlight rich detail and to be clean, intuitive and easy-to-use. We are absolutely sure that we'll surprise you with the most useful and eye-catching features.


What can be better for you and your business than managing your whole product catalogue, and succinctly displaying it to your customer, from your mobile phone?

Welcome to your own Showroom. Look no further and take Consentio for a ride! Download and start using it right away.