Consentio Platform

The new way of doing business
Consentio is an innovative PLATFORM for B2B commerce

Consentio creates a space wherein trading a physical good becomes an easy and simple-to-manage day-to-day operation. It's a tool that has been created and designed through continuous contact with professionals in the Fruit and Vegetable sector, and by accounting for  all workflows within the sector. We have worked hard to learn from a wide range of needs, from a fruit and vegetable shop that makes recurring purchases, to a restaurant that orders small-to-medium-sized purchases on a daily basis or to a supermarket that places large-scale orders.

CONSENTIO is a key platform that helps all of these actors and the industry as a whole to speed up, generate profit and optimize all business transactions.

We make this happen thanks to intuitive and advanced technology.

Consentio places at your service a private, multifunctional and unique space in which you will easily place your catalogue of products and find clients and/or providers of your same sector. Consentio enables you to communicate with any seller or buyer using your personal chat, market any offer to your customer network, update prices in the blink of an eye, consult shipping conditions, verify commercial proposals, overview each and every product's full profile, close deals and, most importantly, do all this from one single platform.  You can forget about endless excel sheets, complicated CRMs and cumbersome steps that only delay you and your business. The speed, efficiency and product details you obtain by simply using this application will allow you to react quickly and accurately, find the best offers of the day and maintain constant contact with your business network in an organized and easy-to-manage way.


Is a dynamic and open platform with one goal in mind: to make life easier and more productive at every level and to all actors involved in the commerce line, including producers, wholesalers, intermediaries, SMEs, large commercial establishments, restaurant owners...

We support the sector and make it stronger

All actors involved WIN and feed back from and to the network in Consentio. We provide real support for your company to grow, to create more profitable operations and to optimize your resources and decisions. As soon as you begin using Consentio, you will start contributing to future higher returns.

Do not hesitate. Enter this new space and gain access to a new digital era to take advantage, progress and innovate to increase your action and decision-taking freedom.

Welcome to Consentio. Welcome to your enhanced market.