Consentio for Wholesellers

We are your digital allied

We are the tool born to make your life easier, to offer you the highest levels of security, a platform you can trust to obtain the highest profitability on your day-to-day operations. We are your supporting platform, the perfect fellow traveler, who will help you grow in a respectful and independent way. With us you will:


With Consentio you will have complete control of all the purchases you realize. At every moment you will know the status of each and every operation at a quick glance (confirmed, pending approval by you or your customer, canceled, etc). Consentio will become your definitive business tool, delivering to you an absolute control of all your transactions from one single point. 


From one single platform you will have all the contacts at your disposal, a list of companies you will close deals with in an independent way. At Consentio you can manage each profile as you want, applying discounts or surcharges, including parameters that define even more each of your clients automatically. Overall Consentio increases the functionalities of your company and you obtain amazing advantages. OPTIMIZE ORDERS:

So your usual day-to-day process starts with a phone call to place an order, you pass it to an excel sheet, create a delivery note, invoice it... too many steps, too many formats, right? With Consentio in your hand we deliver a way to reduce and optimize your time and order management, process all in one same place, in real time. Magic? No, really, it's Consentio.