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Every film, no matter its format or length, has a great story behind it and our video tells one of the best when it comes to implication, learning and progress.

The main purpose of Consentio was to discover the needs our sector was expressing for years and turn those requests into a technology ready to enhance every part of the chain, a solution to increase your efficiency, speed and profitability. The process to deliver this solution started with an obvious question: How could we understand what all parts needed? How would we understand what producers, wholesellers, retailers or restaurant owners wanted? The answer was obvious: we should interview each part involved, from the producer to the consumer. We invited as many players as we could attract, talked to every professional that would be willing to share their time, experience and expertise with our team to create a tool for each one of them.

During many months, we traveled the world, visited the most relevant trade shows, we got in contact with the most important markets in Europe, held hundreds of meetings, tested the different phases of the App with all of them and enhanced our platform on every step we took adopting new requests and adding up more and more functionalities increasing the reach of the CONSENTIO. Nevertheless, our goal is always to deliver the best service, cover all needs and requests of our sector and become an online facilitating tool.

This wonderful adventure demanded the best of the whole team, and the App. you can download and enjoy today is the result of a very hard work and dedication to everyone of you in the Fruit and Vegetable sector. THANKS SO MUCH to all of you that helped us in this amazing journey, THANKS SO MUCH for your time and dedication. We are proud to say that CONSENTIO has been thought by you and for you.